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Nomad’s services are gluten-free, preservative-free and 100% organic. 

And yes! Because it is through the sweat of our brow that we develop strategies to help entrepreneurs find their way in the heart of the wilderness of the Web.

Nomad is an innovative organization, always on the lookout for news and trends in the field of communication, the Web and social networks.

Our objective? Increase the impact of your company through stimulating exchanges and accompaniment that promote the learning of the Web and its tools.

Oh la la, big words! But do not let it impress you : we have nothing intimidating! Our ways of doing things are imbued with a beautiful mix of humour, courtesy, simplicity and professionalism.

Nomad provides entrepreneurs with coaching,  training and  communication support services, and even a blog  to help them achieve their business goals and become self-sufficient in the management of their Web tools.

Our services adapt to the needs, objectives and abilities of entrepreneurs. We offer fast service and we go to the company’s workplace. We do nothing like the others and we like to have a WOW effect!

Andréanne Simard 

| Creative Web Strategy Agent |

Andreanne simard, agente créative, consultante web, consultante branchéeSocial networks, communication, the Web, design, culture, imagination, business development and project management have always been my passion. The highlighting of our collective strengths, the development of our communities, imagination and proximity to my environment are my greatest values.

My expertise

A working knowledge of social media and creation of promotional tools

In terms of  community management on social media, I have seen a lot! I have had a lot of training sessions and I have solid field experience. I have also created many promotional tools for several types of businesses. I love graphic design, and I am skillful with several web authoring platforms, including WordPress (CMS) and Photoshop. I am therefore able to efficiently create visuals and interesting and distinctive tools. I quickly understand the culture of a company and develop tools and an image that promotes its influence and the achievement of its business objectives.

Experience in communication marketing strategies

I have worked for several years in the field of corporate communication and events. In particular, I have worked on the development and implementation of communication plans for several types of organizations. These experiences have led me to develop solid skills in webmarketing, media communication and customer service. In addition, they have helped develop my creativity, an important asset to quickly find innovative ideas and concepts.

(SEO)Search engine optimization skills

I am passionate about natural or paid SEO techniques. The art of positioning a site, an online store or a business in the first natural search engine results captivates me.

I work in close collaboration with an external resource specializing in this field in Canada and internationally in order to constantly develop my expertise.

Finally, my ease in adapting to different environments, resources and those involved in a project facilitates my rapid integration into the teams of my clients. Consultation and teamwork are at the heart of my working methods.

Websites and Online Shops

Want to shine more on the web? One of the first steps is often to acquire a website or an online store and to reference this tool well. Nomad offers to create with you a website or an online store that reflects who you are.


Our service includes training and coaching services so that you can modify and update your site yourself. We create sites tailored to your budget and choose tools based on your know-how.

Our services

  1. Needs analysis
  2. Choosing the Web platform and registering the domain name
  3. Development of the work plan
  4. Designing the canvas and the website tree
  5. Collection of information and design materials (texts, videos, photos, etc.)
  6. Content optimization
  7. Graphic and visual creation
  8. Website design
  9. Basic optimization for Web referencing
  10. Changes and adjustments based on customer complaints
  11. Finalization, uploading of the Web site and transfer of rights
  12. Connecting to a statistical tool (Google Analytics or other)
  13. Training in using the selected Web creation platform

Result? A stylish, effective website reflecting your image, that you control completely.

To fully optimize your presence on the Web, all you have to do is use our  professional referencing service.

Strategic communication plan

A good strategy, teamwork and a solid communication plan save you time and money and help you achieve your business goals. Nomad works with you to build a strategy that reflects who you are.


  • Web Audit of the organization
  • Strategic planning session to develop and write a communication plan 15 additional hours of accompaniment


Short term

  • Dare to think differently
  • Use communication tools within the vicinity
  • Manage the company image
  • Improve its visibility and the impact of its actions in the community
  • Identify its positioning to guide its activities and reach the right audience
  • Rally your team to a common vision and message


Medium term

  • Structuring your business communications
  • Identify priorities
  • Distinguish yourself in your industry through original communication tools
  • Increase readership and sales
  • Measure the impact of your communication actions
  • Provide a representaive annual communication budget

Long term

  • Make the right moves in advertising to save time and money
  • Better manage communication tools in your community
  • Make your communication actions profitable
  • Structure your corporate communications with a complete communication plan

Training and workshops

At Nomad, we believe it is easier to learn by having fun being in action. Strengthen your skills with our practical and diverse training and workshops.

During our training sessions and workshops, we invite you to play with your keyboard, mouse and sometimes even colored pencils, scissors and construction paper to learn more about various subjects..

For more information, please contact me!